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"He treats her like porcelain. And I told him like porcelain, if you drop it will be hurt and broken into pieces."
-Tamara Moskvina

"He can get very angry and frustrated, he gets nervous with his jumps. And Elena is a stone wall, mentally. They have got this far this quickly because of teamwork. He takes care of her, he loves her. I teach them to take care of each other, how to do their jumps, how to talk to the media."
-Tamara Moskvina

"I thought only about the person, not the skater. She was laying in bed, motionless, speechless, thin like a chicken."
-Tamara Moskvina, on Elena's accident

"I was afraid for a couple of days. Not anymore. I have taken care of that. Now I just skate and I always feel fine."
-Elena, on returning to the ice

"Mostly I had to be like a psychologist. Sometimes I think it was harder on me. I knew that if I went down with her, it would be a big problem. I can't say why or how exactly, but maybe she helped me, too."
-Anton, on helping Elena regain her confidence

"They remind me of Rodnina and Zaitsev, who won Olympic gold in 1980. I never thought I'd see a pair skate as fast as they did, but these two do."
-Peter Carruthers

"I think sometimes she doesn't even remember the accident."

"We don't think about 'place.' We must skate and the judges must give the marks. We must skate and earn [a place] first."

"We will get more and more good."

"I don't think I fully realized how serious my accident was. All I'd thought about in the hospital was my skating."

"She is very nice looking and I'm...well, I'm all right. We have a dream team. We understand each other. I want to help her. She wants to help me. I feel like I've been skating with Elena for ten years."

"He is my really good friend and helps me very much. He is a really good person. He is a sportsman second, a person first."
-Anton on two-time Olympic champ Artur Dmitriev

"I don't know what I can say. It's a new finish. If you don't like it, we can change it, no problem."
-Anton on the fall at the end of their Olympic free skate