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Elena Berezhnaya

Born: October 20, 1977 - Stavropolski, Russia
Hometown: St. Petersburg, Russia
Height: 5'0", Weight: 92 lbs.
Interests: Music, ballet, cars
Former Partner: Oleg Shliakhov (Latvia)

Anton Sikharulidze

Born: October 25, 1976 - St. Petersburg, Russia
Hometown: St. Petersburg, Russia
Height: 6'0", Weight: 167 lbs.
Interests: car racing, cooking, music
Former Partner: Maria Petrova (Russia)

Shared Information

Began Skating Together: May 1996
Training Town: St. Petersburg, Russia
Coach: Tamara Moskvina
Choreographer: Alexander Matveev

Here's the closest thing I could come up with to a fan mail address. I'm not making any guaruntees, so good luck!
St. Petersburg School of Figure Skating
pr. Dobrolyubova 18
P.O. Box 186
St. Petersburg, Russia 197198